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Version 4.4 released!

  • Fixed a bug in /stats where it showed your connected time, mysterybags and reaction tests won stats instead of the player you wanted to get the stats for.
  • Fixed the SA:MP death bug after a gmx restart.
  • Added quickstrings: ($stats, $cash, $veh, $score, $bank, $kills, $deaths, $mb, $rtests, $speed, $ply, $loc). type /quickstrings (/qs) in-game to view a list with descriptions.
  • Added all aviable skins (except CJ and Wu Zi Mu).
  • Added !pm (nick/id) (message) to IRC.
  • Made it so you can now use partname + name on IRC instead of just ID.
  • Decreased the amount of timers. Most important things is now done in a single timer. (This will decrease some lag).
  • Added a speedometer. It it can be turned on/off in /settings.
  • Added dialog boxes for logging in and registering an account.
  • New teles, /bj /aa /sfa.
  • Added dune(ride) to /carmenu.
  • Non-donators can now view /donatorcommands (/dcmds).
  • Added /superbrake (/sbrake) for donators.
  • Enabling goto to players and disabling PM now saves.
  • Added regular player status. Play for 2 days and get regular player status!
  • Fixed most (if not all) bugs from previous versions.

Version 4.3 released!

  • Added /speedboost (/sboost) for donators. You can donate at http://donate.g-fs.com/ to be able to use this feature.
  • Added auto-login, this can be enabled/disabled in /settings.
  • Added total time connected (starting counting from the next time you login/connect.
  • Added a new animation (/cry).
  • Remade whole San Fierro Airport and the abandoned airport. These areas will now have lots of and better stunts!
  • Removed the boat Predator for normal players due to it having guns.
  • Continued the work on the house system. (Due to having problems with MySQL. I had stalled this project for a while, but it's now being developed again).
  • Added more info in /stats (it will now also display total reaction tests won and how many mysterybags you've found.
  • Renamed "moneybag" to "mysterybag" due to this name suiting more.
  • Prevented people from using /race(s) while in a race (this caused race progress and such to bug up..).
  • Started the developement of a new race system (with time and records!). This new system will be called Garrace. Tune back for more information.
  • Los Santos Airport will soon have lots of stunts, jumps and a bunch of fun. There is also a huge NRG-500 challenge being mapped (I'm almoust done with this).

Version 4.2 released!

Hello, the time has come for a new version of G-FS. Version 4.2. This version got updates like:

  • Chainsaw DM - /chainsawdm (/csdm).
  • You can now let other players teleport to you by clicking their name in the scoreboard. This can be enabled/disabled in /settings.
    Made objects load faster.
  • Added /wine, /beer, /sprunk and /phone to the animations list.
  • Fixed the bug where 3 lottos were drawn at the same time because of RCON admins drawing the lotto automaticly wich caused a bunch of lotto timers to run at the same time.
  • Added mysterybag system to the server. A new mysterybag will be hidden every now and then. Type /mysterybag (/mb) to check what area the mysterybag are located at and how far you're away from it.
  • Fixed skin saving problem.
  • Added Dumper to vehicle menu.