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Version 5.8 released!

The banner for Update 5.8


Update change log time! R-FS v5.8 has been released a few days ago. This update requires you to update your client to SA:MP 0.3x. Unfortionally the server IP also changed due to Volt Host removing their servers from France. Check the module on the left for the IP link.

This update also includes many bug fixes, just like the older ones. But there are also a few more noticable changes.

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Version 5.7 released!

The banner for Update 5.7


Hey guys! I have some good news for everyone. R-FS v5.7 has been released to the public today. The update might not be as big as the previous one, but it only took one month to create instead of almost a year.

The update includes many bug fixes, but also a few very nice new features. I’ve tried to make this update  work with the existing server as seamlessly as possible and I think this turned out pretty OK.

There is one major thing that affects most players, but it only takes a few seconds to fix. Almost everyone who registered an account before the update will have a gray name once they connect. This can be solved by selecting a different colour in /settings. I just couldn’t make the name colours update without having this minor inconvenience.

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Version 5.6 released!

The banner for Update 5.6


I know this took way too long, but after almost a year, Ricardo’s Funserver version 5.6 has finally been released!

This update had many different kind of problems. All of these problems combined caused a huge delay.


One of these problems was the issue with the crashing MySQL plugin, which caused the MySQL implementation to turn out as a huge disaster. The entire MySQL script is complete, but for some reason it just fails to work with the plugin. Miracoli, Garsino, #samp.scripting and I all failed to cope with the crashes of the plugin, so in the end I decided to cancel the MySQL update for the time being and release the other features in the state they were in. Garsino offered his help for a MySQL user/admin system update using a different plugin, so I definitely hope that the MySQL update can still be made later on instead of me throwing away months of work.


Just 20 minutes after I released the new version WoodenVillage started to notice an odd incensements in player client crashes. A while later it appeared that this didn’t just happen to him. Players were constantly timing out and I just couldn’t see what change in the script caused it. WoodenVillage and I spent a good amount of time testing the exact same version on the test server a while earlier and everything was fine! Since I couldn’t immediately fix this issue, I decided to revert the server back to the previous version for the time being. The new parts of the 5.6 update got implemented slowly over the timespan of a few weeks. Every time I added a new set of features, I called it a wave-revision update. This was only meant to confuse people while I was preparing for the full server version 5.6 release.


The skin desync bug isn’t fixed, but this is a SA:MP bug. It even happens in the default Grand Larc gamemode.

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Version 5.5 released!

Most changes in this change log were already in-game for quite some months, but I finally decided to upload it to the website after adding several more new things and fixing bugs.

  • Bought a new domain! http://www.samp-funserver.com
    • Fixed forum cache + cookies.
    • Fixed user registration, added reCAPTCHA form and enabled user account activation by mail.
    • New support mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), the old one is no longer valid.
  • Updated to zcmd, all commands process faster now. This should have fixed every single server: invalid command error.
  • Removed !say from the IRC, you now need to talk without.
  • Added /motd.
  • Changed all labels from houses and businesses to dynamic ones to fix not appearing due to the SA:MP limit. This also fixed not appearing NPC labels.
  • Made 3000(!) new houses, almost every house in the whole game is now buyable!
  • Fixed jail variable not resetting on rage quits.
  • Fixed /intmenu not returning to /interiormenu after the zcmd update.
  • Added a few more mysterybag spawns.
  • Blocked spawning vehicles in /visitjail.
  • Fixed problem with starting races, missions or DMs from the lobby allowing you to spawn vehicles there.
  • You can no longer rob people in another vehicle as you.
  • Prevented players from spawning vehicles in a club.
  • Prevented players from teleporting to players in clubs.
  • Different buildings now make the location textdraw change colour too.
  • Fixed going AFK/BRB before spawning causing you to be able to walk while AFK/BRB.
  • Added Magnani's donator house.
  • Added a new team DM!
  • Added /quote to suggest quotes for Cookiemonster.
  • Removed the capital M in Cookiemonster.
  • Players can no longer have a number as first character in their names because of it destroying the admin irc echoing.
  • Added a new easter egg.
  • Added theitester’s donator house.
  • Fixed player freezing when getting caged.
  • Added some new Cookiemonster quotes suggested by /quote.
  • Remade the garage DM spawns.
  • Made the dual DM spawns slightly higher to reduce the chances or players falling through the map while spawning.
  • Almost all 3d textlabels are dynamic now.
  • The DM info textdraw now only updates when necessary instead of executing 50 lines of code every second! This should seriously improve the server stability and decrease lag/chance on crashes.
  • Optimized IRC code.
  • Added a new textdraw for players who are AFK or BRB.
  • Added Krzy's donator house.
  • Added theitester’s island + added teleport to /teles.
  • Improved the way the game handles players who go into auto AFK mode. You will now get removed from any building you're in and races/missions will cancel.
  • Blocked the usage of many commands while being in AFK or BRB mode.
  • Added Wiper008's island.
  • A few new admin commands.
  • You can no longer use /rob while driving a vehicle and the victim is on-foot.
  • Added ammo check to anti-cheat.
  • The speedometer will now show both mph and km/h and fixed the km/h meter actually showed the speed in miles per hour.
  • Added some lazy commands: Use /tp to toggle other players using teleport on you and /mystats to see your own stats.
  • Updated the server to SA:MP 0.3c r5.
  • Fixed the broken sscanf plugin.
  • Added Bryan’s donator island.
  • Fixed looping IRC flood timeouts after bots reconnect.
  • Improved owner IRC echoing.
  • Players using the default IRC name can no longer talk in-game.
  • Added Beegees' donator island.
  • $speed now shows the speed in both km/h and mph.
  • Fixed the fail police rancher spawns near sf police station.
  • Players who died by the car bomb system will now get their health set to 0 instantly when they are inside the exploding vehicle.
  • Fixed bug with people who kill others in the lobby not getting punished.
  • Cookiemonster can now win reaction tests ;d.
  • Renamed the banks with an incorrect name.
  • Added banks to /teles.
  • Removed /die to prevent abuse, use /kill instead.
  • Every time the 'game time' message appears, everyone's clock automatically resyncs.
  • Replaced "cannot" with "can't" everywhere in the gamemode.
  • Renamed /carmenu to /car and changed /carmenu to a total new dialog.

Version 5.4 released!

After I took a short period of rest and school work, I finally decided to create a new version of Y-FS.

  • Fixed some problems with dialog colours.
  • Added Jace_Kahn's donator house.
  • Blocked business pay for AFK and BRB players.
  • Improved YosStunt near LV Airport - the map is now much longer.
  • New server rules, make sure you know them to avoid punishments!
  • Donators can now spawn jetpacks.
  • Removed some abusable vehicles, Rustlers are kept since they are harder to abuse.
  • Fixed /myveh only supporting vehicle names and not IDs.
  • Fixed SetPlayerPosEx linking the vehicle to the current world and interior instead of the new one. This fixes invisible vehicles after teleporting from/to interiors.
  • Fixed having 1000 health at huge ass skydive.
  • Players now drop $500 when they die outside a DM.
  • Fixed 6 minor typos.
  • Disabled car spawning and DMing in the lobby.
  • Admins can now force players to reconnect.
  • Fixed vehicle starts to rotate randomly when someone starts a mission.
  • Fixed Combine Harvester mission vehicle having the wrong rotation.
  • Changed the draw distance of some objects.
  • Added myk3's donator house.
  • Removed unnecessary freezes from some teleports.
  • Removed 50 loops at every teleport.
    • LOLfail, it's an old piece of code from 2009, I never noticed this before.
    • This should make the whole server a lot faster and less laggy.
  • Added Magnani's amazing Lobby interior.
  • Objects are removed from mysterybag world once again.
  • Vehicles get destroyed at the end of the week again, since there are no longer trailers in missions.
  • Removed /loadmyobjects because it didn't always work, the objects should always load now. Invisible objects don't mean that they didn't load, just re-enter your vehicle to reload the object.
  • Added multi-account rule to /rules.
  • New class position, objects, song and animation.
  • Blocked CJ skin and /myskin in DMs.
  • Fixed bottom textdraw being created 45 times for no reason. This is also older code from before my time...
  • Fixed OnPlayerDeath not completing when the player ID is INVALID_PLAYER_ID.
    • Basically, this caused players to not leave events when they died by committing suicide.
    • In some cases this also caused players to get double ammo, which caused problems with negative values after rejoining the server.
  • Blocked the usage of animations in DMs to prevent people from abusing it.
  • Added JohnDoVaS12345 's Turismo stunt path.
  • Disabled the pause kicker when the server isn’t full and added auto AFK instead.
  • Changed the tekst “winning ID” to “winning number” at MrADz's request.
  • Some people report that the mysterybag issue is solved - I’ll keep an eye on this.
  • Admins can now disable and enable fix and flip in events.
  • Server owners and co-owners are now green in-game, on the IRC and the forum.
  • Added a new jail system, use /visitjail if you wish to annoy any players in jail, and /own to explode him/her.
  • Added a new effective anti-advertisement system.
  • Created a new !ping IRC command.
  • Improved the donator horn ramp.
    • Horn ramp now uses dynamic objects too.
    • Instead of creating new ramps all the time, it just moves the old one.
    • Fixed bug with using hornramp outside vehicles.
    • The whole thing is now way smoother.
    • Fixed a bug with ramps disappearing too early.
    • This fixed the annoying object issue too ^_^.
  • Fixed !say messages not appearing in-game when they’re too long.
  • Fixed taking weapons from DMs by joining a deathmatch area while in a mission.
  • Fixed a mysterybag pickup issue by adding a check to see whether the pickup ID is valid.
  • A few code optimizations.
  • A new cmd for owners to remove unused houses and businesses from banned players and players with a low connect time.
  • Fixed anti-cheat not working on unregistered players.
  • Fixed some wrong alignments in dialogs.
  • Added some new mysterybag spawns.
  • Added information messages when you PM a player who’s in the AFK or BRB mode.
  • Added a /rob command.
  • Merged some useless functions and stocks. Putting the speed and jumpboost functions directly into the callback made the commands respond much quicker and more enjoyable.
  • You're less likely to fall through custom objects when teleporting in a vehicle because of the new way of teleporting in vehicles to places with a custom floor.