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Version 5.3.1 released!

I definitely wasn't planning on releasing another version of Y-FS so shortly after the previous one, but it seems to be necessary due to the large amount of bugs and other issues. This is more like an emergancy patch than a real new version, so that's why I named it 5.3.1 instead of 5.4.

  • Fixed Prisoner Transport & Trucking mission checkpoints that stopped working or dissapeard when someone else stopped a mission.
  • Fixed a problem with mission checkpoints not disappearing after a relog or when someone else logs in as that player ID.
  • Changed bank interior conflicts when exiting a bank, because the entrance was very close to the exit.
  • Business system improvements:
    • The colour of the text is no longer transparent.
    • Fixed invisible exit markers.
    • The higher the business price gets, the higher the pay + random value becomes.
    • Fixed businesses above ID 10 that didn't work before due to the strings being too short - a lot of new businesses will be added to the server now that this works.
    • The server now has 60+ businesses all around San Andreas in total!
  • Improved bonus vehicle system:
    • Fixed "server unknown command" when the bonus vehicle wasn't a valid vehicle ID in most cases.
    • Fixed bonus vehicle not always drawing.
    • Added score to the bonus vehicle selling option.
    • Fixed rare server crashes that were caused by possible infinite loops in the bonus vehicle system.
  • Fixed a few typos.
  • Adjusted the streamer plugin distance and max loaded objects.
  • Fixed unregistred players being white.
  • Added a /loadmyobjects command for when some object(s) fail to load for you.
  • Objects are less likely to fail at loading because the streamer tickrate has been changed.
  • Added /myhouses.
  • Improved the anti-cheat even more.
  • Added /mybusiness.
  • Added colours to most of the dialogs.
  • /ignore now works on CookieMonster.
  • Server upgraded to 45 slots.