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Version 4.9 released!

Heya, been working a while on version 4.9, but after a lot of testing it’s finnaly put on the main server!

Thanks to everyone who helped me testing and finding bugs, also thanks to everyone who donated!

The changes are:

  • Added ammunations, Cluckin’ Bells, Burger Shots, Well Stacked Pizza & Co.'s and banks all over San Andreas (you will be able to do stuff inside these places).
  • Removed /deposit, /withdraw, /balance & /bankhelp - the bank can now get accessed using banks around San Andreas (marked by a green dollar $ icon).
  • Combined GarAdmin & Funserver into one script which reduced the amount of timers.
  • Rewrote most of the script.
  • Bonus vehicle of the day - can be sold at the crane in LS, SF and LV. You can check the bonus vehicle of the day by using /bveh.
  • When you end a race, disconnect or die, your race vehicle will be destroyed if not occupied.
  • Fixed a small bug with /cancel.
  • "Please wait before ..." bugs fixed.
  • Increased chance of successfully robbing [03]Garsino's house. The chance of a successful robbery is now 50%.
  • Added a time limit between robbing [03]Garsino's house for all players. It can be robbed every 2 minutes.
  • You can now upgrade your house interior by using /housemenu.
  • Added 3d texts describing the checkpoint above some checkpoints.
  • Fixed bug related to total time connected.
  • Fixed bug with the location textdraw being blank if really high in the sky.
  • Pause time increased to 10 minutes.
  • Added /ignore and /unignore to ignore the chat and PMs from a specific user.
  • Improved the anti-advertising script.
  • Fixed a small bug with dying in an event.
  • Fixed a floating bug when using /flip as a passenger.
  • Increased the command spam limit.
  • Added bombshops and car-bombs. Use /bomb for more information.
  • Fixed a bug with Trashmaster mission and Combine Harvester mission.
  • Fixed a few issues with dialogs.
  • Added a transfer option to the bank menu.
  • Fixed the issue with /mytext.
  • Quickstrings now work in commands like /me, /say, /reply /pm and other commands.
  • Fixed a bug with reaction tests stopping.
  • Fixed typo with extra space in /carmenu and other dialogs.
  • Added a donator house for Saartjuh, MobiusR23, Code_Red and [ST]Vista.
  • Fixed most anti-advertising issues.
  • Added a drift map for the drift race.
  • Added /spiral - a spiral above Blueberry Acress.
  • Changed the server clock.
  • Added a Stunt Jump at Palomino Creek. Use /pj to teleport there.
  • Added /bounce.
  • Fixed bugs with missing objects on some stunt areas.
  • Re-added Anf's bar in Downtown San Fierro.
  • Added unban command for admins.
  • Quickstrings are no longer case-sensetive.
  • Fixed /irc.
  • Added joint and vodka to the dialog menu in bars and clubs.
  • Added bank options in the regular players club (near the computer).
  • Death count and kill count will only increase if you're in a DM area.
  • Added more killstreak bonuses.
  • Fixed a minor bug in the killstreak system.
  • Donators will get their vehicle auto-repaired when either speedboost, superbrakes or jumpboost is enabled (suggested by Blaze on forums).
  • Minor change with class selection.
  • Fixed issue with !say message on IRC cutting off.
  • Added a Prisoner Transporter mission.
  • Added a Trucking mission.
  • Admin announcement gametext replaced with a textdraw.
  • Anti-cheat update.
  • Small changes applied to /me, /say /carwhisper and /whisper.
  • You can no longer start missions by pressing your submission key anymore. You now have to use /mission. Missions can be cancelled by using /cancel.
  • You can no longer use /carmenu to spawn vehicles while in an interior.
  • Added more object editing commands for admins.
  • Added a new quickstring - $noob.
  • Server upgraded to 30 slots.
  • Bought hosted tab listing.
  • Updated server name.

But I’m going on vacation, so bye for now