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Version 4.7 released!

  • Added ViruZZzZ_ChiLLL wanted level idea.
  • Changed the !say colour for ingame.
  • Added the right co-ordinates for the Los Santos Gym in /intmenu.
  • Added 2 new DM areas: /fistdm (in the LV Gym) and /katanadm [/kdm] (in the SF Gym).
  • Fixed /deathmatchinfo (/dminfo).
  • Added a new command (/gfs) - it displays information about the server and more interesting information.
  • Added /help, /rules and /gfs to /commands.
  • Removed /base from the commands, you can use /teleports (/teles) to get there instead.
  • Added better spawns for the races (you will not spawn near the first checkpoint and in the right direction).
  • Put /stats into a dialog box.
  • Fixed a lot of typos.