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Version 4.4 released!

  • Fixed a bug in /stats where it showed your connected time, mysterybags and reaction tests won stats instead of the player you wanted to get the stats for.
  • Fixed the SA:MP death bug after a gmx restart.
  • Added quickstrings: ($stats, $cash, $veh, $score, $bank, $kills, $deaths, $mb, $rtests, $speed, $ply, $loc). type /quickstrings (/qs) in-game to view a list with descriptions.
  • Added all aviable skins (except CJ and Wu Zi Mu).
  • Added !pm (nick/id) (message) to IRC.
  • Made it so you can now use partname + name on IRC instead of just ID.
  • Decreased the amount of timers. Most important things is now done in a single timer. (This will decrease some lag).
  • Added a speedometer. It it can be turned on/off in /settings.
  • Added dialog boxes for logging in and registering an account.
  • New teles, /bj /aa /sfa.
  • Added dune(ride) to /carmenu.
  • Non-donators can now view /donatorcommands (/dcmds).
  • Added /superbrake (/sbrake) for donators.
  • Enabling goto to players and disabling PM now saves.
  • Added regular player status. Play for 2 days and get regular player status!
  • Fixed most (if not all) bugs from previous versions.