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Version 4.3 released!

  • Added /speedboost (/sboost) for donators. You can donate at http://donate.g-fs.com/ to be able to use this feature.
  • Added auto-login, this can be enabled/disabled in /settings.
  • Added total time connected (starting counting from the next time you login/connect.
  • Added a new animation (/cry).
  • Remade whole San Fierro Airport and the abandoned airport. These areas will now have lots of and better stunts!
  • Removed the boat Predator for normal players due to it having guns.
  • Continued the work on the house system. (Due to having problems with MySQL. I had stalled this project for a while, but it's now being developed again).
  • Added more info in /stats (it will now also display total reaction tests won and how many mysterybags you've found.
  • Renamed "moneybag" to "mysterybag" due to this name suiting more.
  • Prevented people from using /race(s) while in a race (this caused race progress and such to bug up..).
  • Started the developement of a new race system (with time and records!). This new system will be called Garrace. Tune back for more information.
  • Los Santos Airport will soon have lots of stunts, jumps and a bunch of fun. There is also a huge NRG-500 challenge being mapped (I'm almoust done with this).