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Version 4.2 released!

Hello, the time has come for a new version of G-FS. Version 4.2. This version got updates like:

  • Chainsaw DM - /chainsawdm (/csdm).
  • You can now let other players teleport to you by clicking their name in the scoreboard. This can be enabled/disabled in /settings.
    Made objects load faster.
  • Added /wine, /beer, /sprunk and /phone to the animations list.
  • Fixed the bug where 3 lottos were drawn at the same time because of RCON admins drawing the lotto automaticly wich caused a bunch of lotto timers to run at the same time.
  • Added mysterybag system to the server. A new mysterybag will be hidden every now and then. Type /mysterybag (/mb) to check what area the mysterybag are located at and how far you're away from it.
  • Fixed skin saving problem.
  • Added Dumper to vehicle menu.