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Version 6.3 released!

The banner for Update 6.3


This is generic text and has to be replaced with stuff regarding how it took forever to finish the update and that it implements plenty of security features, performance updates and a rewrite of most of the code. Nobody will probably read it anyway so don't kill me if I forget.

Full change log:

  • Updated the server to SA:MP 0.3.7-R2. Don't forget to update your client in order to keep playing!
  • Updated the R-FS event system.
    • Admins can now easily see how many players are left in an event.
    • Admins can control more options, like whether you can heal yourself, use donator commands, etc.
    • The event system is now completely live! Admins can enable or disable options on the fly.
    • Fully optimised and rewritten code.
  • Fixed /setct showing the wrong coordinates.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs with the "Back" buttons in the skin menu and added the missing IDs to the SA:MP 0.3d skins section.
  • Modified the way the player money drop pickups work.
    • This fixes the very abusable money duplication bug that allows people to become rich by using /kill over and over.
    • Fixed the disappearing of the previous drops when another person dies.
  • Fixed the ability to access the /housemenu from donator houses.
  • Fixed a few typos in the script.
  • Removed udb hash support. This means that people who haven't joined R-FS since the v6.0 update have to request a password reset.
  • Remade the entire website from scratch with a new template!
  • Improved the way Frisse Adem Webstats works. It now responds way faster than ever before!
  • Moved the server website hosting to the same server where R-FS runs.
  • Updated the server for the new MySQL plugin by BlueG!
    • I've spent many months rewriting the entire code.
    • Everything is now way more effective and hundreds of times faster than before.
    • Fixed properties getting loaded in the background when entering checkpoints that are unrelated to them.
    • Got rid of unnecessary stats saving queries in some places.
    • Reduced the amount of times player stats get saved to the database. It was too excessive before.
  • Fixed players being able to perform community races while not being registered.
    • Registration is necessary to avoid MySQL errors because the race system is heavily dependent on settings being saved.
    • This also applies for buying properties and things like that.
  • Fixed /getraceinfo not working.
  • Fixed a bug with teleportation requests getting cancelled showing a message when the player is no longer online.
  • Fixed the car-bomb price showing the wrong value of $50000 instead of $5000.
  • Fixed the server owner command to reset passwords for players.
  • NPCs now automatically reconnect when they timeout.
  • Implemented fully automatic property selling. Inactive players will lose there properties if they did not connect for more than 180 days.
  • Remade the music system to work with MySQL.
  • Added the new SA:MP 0.3.7 skins to the server.
  • Fixed Claude's skin missing from the player selection screen.
  • Updated the website to run on HTTPS.
    • All old links will automatically redirect to the https version of the site.
    • All website data (like login information) is now fully encrypted with the exception of external images.