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Version 6.2 released!

The banner for Update 6.2


So, now that SA:MP 0.3z has been out for a little over a week it's time for us to update the server. This update mainly serves the purpose of updating the SA:MP server files to get the latest fixes and new features.

Besides this it also fixes the economy by making all prices more realistic. Everything besides food prices has been devided by 10 to reduce the chance of people reaching the 32-bit integer limit when they're harvesting and collecting money. This means that you didn't actually lose any money, since it's still worth the same percentage as it was before the update.

There are also a lot of general bug fixes and a few new things here and there. The store system has been fully rewritten to make use of the MySQL database. This should increase the performance a fair amount.

I've put some random server stats below the break below the change log. This is similar to what I've done back when R-FS v5.7 got released.

Click the read more link to see the change log and server stats.

Full change log:

  • Removed a few invalid weather IDs that slipped through the previous update.
  • Fixed the community races clock. It's now as accurate as technically possible.
  • Fixed many typos that were spread throughout the server.
  • Blocked being able to accept teleport requests when the other person is in a community race countdown.
  • Team DM 1 no longer has different weapons for different teams. Both teams now use the weapon set that the pink team used to have.
  • Updated the server to work with SA:MP 0.3z. This means that you'll have to update your client to play here! Visit the SA:MP website for more information.
  • Changed the server's economy. All in-game rewards and most prices got divided by 10, but also all owned cash and properties got divided.
    • This means that nothing really changed, except for a few minor tweaks with food prices.
    • The prices are now less ridiculous compared to realistic world economy.
    • The server now allows people who play more to become richer than before, because the bank limiter remained the same.
  • Added some new administrator commands.
  • Updated the "No DMing rule" to "Don't death match people randomly in events, mini-games or safe zones (The Lobby and clubs)". This means that death matching in the overworld is no longer a punishable offense.
  • Added Gucchi's drift map. Use /drift2 to get there.
  • Remade the store system to work with MySQL. It's now faster to load and enter them, but it should speed up some other things as well.
  • Added awesome house signs for houses that are for sale. :P

Some random server stats:

Since 13 April 2010 there have been 550416 server joins and 12579 players got banned. 13016 people got kicked for command/chat spam. There are 42550 failed login cases and there have been 25636 player complaints. Since the existence of the /rob command (25 April 2011) it has been successfully used 42435 times. Since the introducion of the Community Race System on the 16th of January 2014, 304 unique races have been created. 183 races still exist at the time of me writing this article.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy!