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Version 6.0.1 released!

The banner for Update 6.0.1

We're finally back! This little update has been released, because it patches the spam flooding issues that were present in R-FS v6.0. I've also decided to let the new webstats and leaderboard be a part of this update.

Please note that the IP-address has changed for the millionth time, because Volt Host changed it again. I was not able to get a server with the same port as before, so ip.samp-funserver.com is no longer valid!

Use the following IP to connect to R-FS:

The explanation for the insanely long down time can be found here.

The server slots will be increased after the server has been running for a little while. I'll also try to get hosted tab as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience and enjoy your stay! The full change log can be found after the break.

Full change log:

  • The /usedrugs command will no longer give you a cigarette while using the command inside a death match area to avoid abuse.
  • Added a new 'no scamming' rule. This was obviously never allowed, but now that it's written as a rule there doesn't have to be any discussion about it any more.
  • Kick/ban improvements related to spam flooding. It now has overflow protection.
  • Added Dimonchik's BMX park map. You can get there by using /teles or /bmx.
  • Updated the web statistics page.
    • The date, time and decimal formats now make sense.
    • New logo, background and lay-out
    • You can now see if someone is banned or not.
    • The name colour now corresponds with the in-game name colour.
    • Added a list of completed achievements.
    • Added a list of owned properties.
    • Introduced leader boards.
  • It's no longer possible to transfer money to someone's bank account when their bank balance exceeds the bank limit.
  • Business pay now goes to your pocket instead of your bank account when your bank account is full.
  • Improved owner and admin management from the IRC. This means that some IRC commands got fixed and updated, but there are also new ones.
  • Added a few Cookiemonster quotes.