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Version 6.0 beta 2 released!

The banner for Update 6.0 beta 2


This update is a small revision of the previous beta and it'll likely be the last beta before the full release.

The update mainly introduces some important bug fixes, but also a few minor changes to existing features. Nothing big, but still something that's kind of important.

Click the read more button to see the change log! It obviously isn't nearly as long as the previous one.

Full change log:

  • Fixed bugs in the ban system.
  • Some anti-cheat improvements.
  • Fixed the regular player status not saving for players who recently became one.
  • Fixed spawning inside another boat when starting the 'King of the Waves' race.
  • Introduced a bank limit to avoid people from breaking their balance.
    • This is due to the 32-bit's integer limit of 2147483647.
    • The R-FS bank limit per account is now 2000000000.
    • Do you have more? Give it to Cookiemonster!
  • Remade the way house interiors work.
    • This fixes the bug with the exit checkpoint not always appearing when buying a new interior.
    • The default house interior is now the first one in the list.
    • Some interiors got renamed and the name's capitalisations got fixed.
    • If you decide to not buy an interior while in preview mode the house interior selection menu reopens.
    • It's now way easier to add new interiors, which means that there's a chance more get added in the future. :)
  • The regular player count down is now limited to 15 seconds instead of 60. Admins can still use 60 second count downs.
  • Player teleportation requests now automatically cancel after 3 minutes.

Enjoy! Please don't forget to leave a comment.