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Version 7.0 Released!

Version 7.0 of Ricardo's Funserver has finally been released to the community and with it comes a complete revival of the server.

Here is the official changelog:

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Version 6.3 released!

The banner for Update 6.3


This is generic text and has to be replaced with stuff regarding how it took forever to finish the update and that it implements plenty of security features, performance updates and a rewrite of most of the code. Nobody will probably read it anyway so don't kill me if I forget.

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Version 6.2 released!

The banner for Update 6.2


So, now that SA:MP 0.3z has been out for a little over a week it's time for us to update the server. This update mainly serves the purpose of updating the SA:MP server files to get the latest fixes and new features.

Besides this it also fixes the economy by making all prices more realistic. Everything besides food prices has been devided by 10 to reduce the chance of people reaching the 32-bit integer limit when they're harvesting and collecting money. This means that you didn't actually lose any money, since it's still worth the same percentage as it was before the update.

There are also a lot of general bug fixes and a few new things here and there. The store system has been fully rewritten to make use of the MySQL database. This should increase the performance a fair amount.

I've put some random server stats below the break below the change log. This is similar to what I've done back when R-FS v5.7 got released.

Click the read more link to see the change log and server stats.

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Version 6.1 released!

The banner for Update 6.1


Aha, you know what it is! Black and yellow, black and yellow... But no, seriously. We've made another update! This time I collaborated with Miracoli on what we both think is one of the best updates in the server's history! Spam that "read more" button, because you're going to love this one as well!

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Version 6.0.2 released!

The banner for Update 6.0.2

This is a small update for R-FS v6.0.1, but it's very important nonetheless. I've fixed a giant security hole in the server. Please read this important section if you're having problems logging in!

The security issue I'm talking about caused people to be able to login as every existing account on the server, without knowing the passwords. While this could technically affect everyone before this update was rolled out, no personal information was/could've been leaked. This means that you don't have to change your password. Nobody can ever see it!

Because of this bug, many accounts have their passwords changed. Every invalid login attempt had a chance to change your password. This means that you could also break your own account by typing invalid passwords.

It is also possible that someone had access to your in-game account by typing the same wrong password multiple times and then rejoining the server. Your account is only affected if you can no longer login yourself and you're 100% sure the password is correct.

If you can't login to your account any more, ask Ricardo for a password reset through a forum PM. Your forum account will be used as verification for the in-game account (based on IP-addresses/ranges).

This issue was discovered because of someone logging in using the accounts 'WoodenVillage' and '[tHR]Ricardo'. No real damage has been done, thankfully... This person only used the admin and owner accounts to mess with the NPCs.

The full change log can be found after the break, as always.

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