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Dear editor,

I am writing to apply for an unban about my ban about 4 months ago.

As u all know, i was just trolling and bombed some players, but I don't seems to be breaking the rules very seriously.

Yes, you may say I am being impolite to some admins/owners, but I felt sorry about that.

After some time that I have been banned, I lost my houses, business, etc, and I think I have deserved what I have been done in before, that's why I am writing for an unban.

I think that everyone have their own chance, and I didn't been banning before, so I hope you can give me an unban.

Last but not least, I also want to have my Donating island's files back as I have delete the files accidentally , sorry for the inconvenient caused.

If u have any inquires about the problems that I have been mentioned  above, please reply in this email address.

Yours Faithfully,


Oh you!

New IP address

New server IP: samp-funserver.com.

Server issues explained

As you likely already noticed the server is still down, so I decided to make a post about it.

A few days ago the server went offline and nobody knew why. So that's why I'm making an update post about it,

The screenshow below shows that Volt-Host is cancelling their France server hosting. The existing servers will be moved to the UK. Unfortionally this means that R-FS will have another IP change...

Volt-Host moving their server to the UK

Click the image to open it in a seperate window.

UPDATE: 5 Febuary 2013: The server is back online! I've updated it to SA:MP 0.3x and released it together with R-FS v5.8.

Unfortionally the IP address did change... But hopefully all the hosting issues will be over now.

Little down time

There'll be a short period where you can't access the main server for about one hour, scheduled somewhere between Tuesday 30 October 20:00 and Thursday 1 November 23:00.

During this period I will be preparing the server for the R-FS v5.7 release which comes out right after this down time.


Down time (solved)

Eeyup. The server is down again and the problem is once again on the host's side.

Isn't it just ironic how many tims this has happened?

 Click the more button to see the full article.

Downtime 26 september 2012

Update 1 (23:12): I just returned home and noticed that the server was up and running. I restarted it a few minutes ago and now the bots are up too.