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Admin script released!

Hey guys!

[03]Garsino has finished our amazing new admin script after a lot of testing and hard work. For you guys, it means a lot more fun events and other stuff. Next time you see [03]Garsino online, thanks him Now that we have that out the way, lots more exciting script updates will be heading your way. Enjoy!


Server downtime

Yes, the server has been down some time today. Infact, all servers having an IP with has been down (different ports ofc). Dont worry, server will be up again soon. Thank you for being patient.

And now some happy news, we have filled 45/45 (full server) again (thanks to Broly9512 for the information).


Script coming soon!


Our admin script is almost ready to be used, it’s in the final testing stage now. When we finish this, watch out for some script updates in game.


Another month

We just renewed our hosted tab listing and bought another month of hosting. Keep the donations coming, we really appreciate them!

If you want to help out the server, click on the donate tab above, or go to http://donate.g-fs.com/

Also, if you haven’t already, go register at the forums: http://forum.g-fs.com/

TheInnocentOne (Blake)

Max Players: 45
Mode: DM/Stunt/Drift/Freeroam
Map: San Andreas

Welcome to Garsino’s Funserver’s Official Website!

We finally got a brand new hosted website. Things will run a lot faster now, but the forums aren’t up yet. Keep checking back.

HostName: Garsino’s Funserver

Max Players: 45
Mode: DM/Stunt/Drift/Freeroam
Map: San Andreas