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Forum running!

Our forums are now up and running! You can visit us there by clicking on the link below, or by clicking the 'forum' button in the top menu of the website.

Check out: www.forum.community-software.nl

Early site running

Blake stopped hosting for G-FS, so from now on I'm officially not only the owner of this server, but also the webmaster.

I have the early version of the new website running just fine, but the temporarily domain name (www.community-software.nl) will be changed later on. This is still a left-over from my older project before I started working on the whole SA:MP thing. I still have many things left to do, and I expect the forums to be running within in a few days...

Server break

From today (10th June 2010) the server will have a break. It’s unsure of how long this break will last, but no user files will be lost so the stats will remain the same. Stay tuned for more news regarding this break.


6500 registrations hit!

Thats right, we’ve hit 6500 registered accounts!

And version 4.8 is being developed, this version will have:

  • Casino system, you can buy drinks, food and gamble dice at the 3 casinos (Redsands, 4 Dragons and Caligulas)!
  • 2 Houses ([03]Garsino & Yoshi’s houses). You can attempt to breakin and rob [03]Garsino’s house =)
  • A lot of stunts at Los Santos Airport!
  • Regular Players Club, Donators Club & Admins Club featuring bars and gambling!
  • An awesome and fun /cannon!
  • And lots more (there are in total 36 new updates so far)!



Admin applications closed

Yeah, that’s right, we’ve closed the admin applications. You can not create an application now. But we will still be on the lookout for new admins.