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Recent changes to the website and a brief update

This post should've been made earlier, but I was unable to figure out what to write exactly... It took too long so I'll just improvise what I'm writing.

Anyways. After getting the server back up and running some weeks ago people were pretty thrilled, yet I still didn't have any major plans for the future besides fixing the mess and getting it back running. I wanted to make sure everything is absolutely stable and perfect so that I didn't have to feel like I didn't try. By now I am completely aware that this isn't everything that's important as the server is still dead and it's already taking me way too much time to finish what I'm working on.

The script is almost completely done with the exception of the music system and the automatic property selling for inactive people. I really want to try to finish this so I can publish the changes which are also way overdue. My plan was that after this is done we'll publish changes and updates with new features however neither me nor Miracoli seem to have the time to do this.

1 week ago I was working on my home servers and I wanted to update everything in regards to my Windows and Ubuntu virtual machines. The reason was that I was already running older software than I wanted to run and don't want to end up with a hacked website again like I had a few years ago. I went to the process of backing up everything and updating to the latest release of Ubuntu Server LTS 16.04.1. Then I had to modify the php settings and a few simple things and I soon found out that the homepage appeared to be working as it should... The forums however were completely broken and unusable. The reason was simple: I was still using the ancient version of phpbb 3.0. So after updating to 3.1 I found out that it still didn't work at all and it turns out that they don't support php 7 which is a part of the latest LAMP stack for Ubuntu server. Great. Luckily the latest BETA of phpbb 3.2 does work but there don't seem to be any working themes for it. They're all unfitting or have major bugs or are just plain ugly.

So here's what we're currently trying to do. Due to the lack of time Miracoli and I are having I will dedicate the spare time that I have in maintaining the server and desperately trying to finish what I started on. Miracoli is working on new features but we'll have to look what we can do if we want to roll it out within a reasonable amount of time.

Trevor has decided to donate for R-FS so we have another month of hosted tab. He has also given me feedback and helped a lot with the forums. We have agreed on the fact that he will take care of the admin team as much as possible, but after some arguements between the staff and regulards this idea is not going to work unfortionately.

I will try to get the update done and publish the current version of R-FS's changelog on the website and try to fix everything. The biggest setback at the moment is random timeout issues that causes all players to leave. This is obviously very frustrating and right now I don't have any idea why it happens and whether it's an attack or not. Besides the OS upgrade of the server nothing has changed as far as I'm aware of.

I will keep everyone updated once I know more.