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Important note about 'regular donations'

Hello everyone. This is an important notification regarding all R-FS players who regularly donate for the server. If you are somebody who's donated for R-FS multiple times in the past, please make sure to read this message if you plan on donating again in the future!

First of all I would like to thank everybody for every single donation, whether it was just a few cents or big amounts above €10-,! They're all appreciated equally and you should never forget that these donations are required to keep the server running. Without them, R-FS would have never made it this far and I think the same thing applies to back when the server was still owned by Garsino.

So, now let me jump to the main reason why I'm writing this post: even though all donations are just as important, there is something to note about them that probably many of you don't know. PayPal, just like many other (online) financial services, has some sort of transaction fees. The nice thing about PayPal is that the fees are actually very low compared to many alternatives. You might ask why I'm writing this post after admitting that the fees aren't all that high...

Everybody who has been playing on this server for a while knows that the minimal donation amount is just €1,- to receive donator status. The donator status includes many special and unique features that you can enjoy for as long as the server exists. The cheap donator status price is what allows many people to donate for their friends, and that's what has allowed me to pay for the server hosting, website and hosted tab ever since the beginning.

Now it's time for me to answer the qustion in the third paragraph of this post. The PayPal transaction fees are relatively low, but this is only true for larger donations. With €1,- donations (required for donator status or name changes), about 40 cents go to PayPal instead of going to my account. This means that if I get 20 €1,- donations this month, I only end up having €12,-. Even though it may not sound like a big deal, there are actually quite some people who donate €1,- very regularly. Lately it has been very hard for me to pay the R-FS bills because my PayPal account has been nearly empty for about a month.

So please, if you already know that you are going to donate for multiple people, or you're simply donate multiple times just to support the server, save up the donations for a bit and transfer the total amount in one go. :) It really helps out a lot. Just specifiy multiple names when you're requesting donator status and/or name changes for people.

Hopefully there'll be enough donations to renew hosted tab, because the month is almost over and I only have a fraction of the required €9,- on my PayPal account. Hosted tab really helps bumping up the player count.

Thanks for reading this and for the support!


- Ricardo