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How did it all start

[03]Garsino: It all started in the summer of 2009, Blacklite and GTA967 convinced me to start scripting in pawn. In the beginning it all seemed impossible. But after studying the sa-mp wiki and other scripts/gamemodes, it all started to get easier for me. I started on a gamemode, that was supposed to be a deathmatch gamemode. But then I started mapping and it became a deathmatch/stunt gamemode. After mapping a couple of maps I began to release them at the sa-mp forums. I got a lot of positive feedback on my maps, and then I began to work with pawn scripts again. So, the current gamemode for Garsino’s Funserver is a result of my work since summer. A lot has been improved and changed by the request of the players. In the start, I home hosted it by portforwarding, people liked my server, and they convinced me to host it. So I bought a 30 slot server from ServerFFS and later I bought hosted tab listing, this gave us a lot of new players. Just imagine how hard is it to find my server out of 2000 other servers. Hosted tab helped me with that, since it’s easier to find servers in the hosted tab than in the internet tab. After a while, we got players all over the world and the first donation came, from TheInnocentOne. Then I started to get more donations, one from AshA and 3 from H0rn. By the donations, we upgraded to 45 slots. We soon started to fill the server. After having a free website for the server, TheInnocentOne convinced me to buy a real domain and host the website there, he bought the domain and I’m very happy about that.

Yoshi: On 23rd August 2010 I took over Garsino’s awesome server. He didn’t have time for it anymore, so I told him that I could be the new owner, and that’s what happened. [GIO]Miracoli/Papa_Miracoli became the new server co-owner/co-scripter that same day, and together we released one new update of G-FS. Garsino convinced me to change the server name a while later, so the server got renamed to Yoshi's Funserver and later to the permanent name Ricardo's Funserver. Blake stopped hosting the site, so I bought a new server hosting and domain name after running on a temporarily domain name for a few months. I still try to make as many updates as possible, together with the help of Papa_Miracoli.


… To be continued.